Waste collection

Who can join?

Companies specialized in waste management

What is its specificity?

Provision of a toolbox that allows you to manage claims at any time in the cities where you operate.

You also benefit:

  • Appear your logo when launching your custom application.
  • Specific advertising within the app at the time of use.
  • A special offer to gold partners containing their logos as well as the information they want to put forward
  • Using the “Push Notification” function to communicate with users, this feature allows you to communicate real-time information to one of the targets of your choice.
  • Mention and logo of your company in our presentation and in communication media of the events in which we participate.
  • Premium tickets for events we organize, including those in collaboration with our state partner.
  • Your logo on the page dedicated to the application www.cleancity.social
  • Your mention in news and publications referring to the Clean City application.
  • Your mention on social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, ….
  • Your mention and logo in our Newsletter.
  • Your mention and logo on the promotional video presentation of the application.

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