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Who can benefit ?

Any type of company, whatever its field of activity, who cares about its environment and who wishes to support us.

In this category, your contribution can be in two kinds: in kind or in cash.

Quelle est sa spécificité ?

With regard to this type of partnership, your contribution can be done in two ways: in kind or in cash

In the case of a participation in cash: you will help cover the running costs of the application.

Your participation will also be used to develop new features and promote the application through environmentally-oriented events.

In the case of a participation in kind: you will rather help to provide sachets or gifts to our most engaged fellow citizens.

You also benefit:

  • You will be integrated into a special partner menu in the application that contains all Logos and many other information about our partners.
  • Mention and your logo on the page of the site dedicated to the application (during a year).
  • Mention in news and publications referring to the Clean City application.
  • Mention and logo in our special newsletter Clean City.

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