Together Let’s Make Our Cities Clean !!

Clean City is an application that aims to help clean up the polluted areas of cities and keep them up to the expectations of their locals and visiters.

You can now help keep your city clean by reporting polluted areas on our mobile application, Clean City, available on App Store and Google Play.

Our mission

Zero-Waste cities

Our cities need inhabitants citizenship through their bahvior in order to preserve and contribute to make the city more pleasant and more welcoming


Recovery of the used products or a part of it in order to recycle it.


I you are thinking about promoting recycling and encourage the collection and sorting of waste , our team can help make it true.

Environmental protection

The world faces the challenge of implementing its Charter of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Clean City seeks to participate strongly.

Awards and achievements

Go Green Award European Youth Award 2017

World Summit Awards - Finalist

Digital Africa Award

Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship Summit Award

Growth Accelerator Tech for Integrity Challenge, (T4I)

FbStart Facebook program

Certification switchmed

Thecamp Acceleration Program

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Our partners

Union européenne


BPI France


Ministre des affaires étrangères et européennes

Citi Bank

Crédit Agricole

Vinci Energies